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Brown County Public Schools Education Fund

Established to provide for the immediate needs of the school district, this Fund will sustain improvements made during the initiative “Making Good Schools Better in Brown County.” 

Background The Brown County Education Community Education Advisory Committee (BCECAC) initiated the BC Public Schools Education Fund (Fund) at the Community Foundation.

At the inception of the Fund, over 50% of the income to Brown County schools was provided by the State of Illinois. This Fund was established partially because the State of Illinois could no longer be counted upon as a timely revenue source. In addition, the state did not have the capability to provide additional funding to schools to implement and sustain the change needed to produce and maintain an excellent school system.

Prior to the Fund’s establishment, the Hornet Pride Foundation provided for a limited number of grants to the BC public schools. When the Fund was established, assets from the Hornet Pride Foundation were transferred to the Fund, thus providing the majority of the money needed to start the Fund at the Community Foundation. The HPF was then dissolved.

Eligible Applicants Teachers and Administrators employed in the Brown County Public School District may apply for grants from this Fund.

Purpose of the Fund The purpose of the Fund is to provide for the sustainment of improvements made during the initiative “Making Good Schools Better in Brown County.” Improvements are centered on the 7 areas of focus identifi ed as critical to “Making Good Schools Better.” Priority will be given to grants that address any of the 7 areas of focus:

1. School-wide instructional focus

2. Professional collaboration teams to improve teaching and learning

3. Research-based teaching practices

4. Professional development with emphasis in selected best practices

5. District’s resources aligned to support the instructional focus

6. Engagement of families and the community in supporting the instructional focus 7. Interim testing measures to check student progress throughout the year

The Fund is not intended to provide grant dollars in the following areas:

• Base Teacher Salaries

• Administration Salaries

• Teacher Retirement Fund (TRS)

• Health Insurance

• Bus Transportation

• General Operating Expenses

Grant Application Process Grant applications are available from the Superintendent of BC Public Schools. Applications will be reviewed only once per year. Applications must be submitted by June 15 to the Superintendent.

A sub-committee of the BCECAC will be appointed to review all grant requests and make recommendations to the Community Foundation board. Changes to the Member Description of the Grant Review Committee will be at the discretion of the BCECAC.

Spending Guidelines The Fund must maintain a minimum balance of $25,000. It is recommended that no more than 50% of the Fund assets over and above the minimum $25,000 be made available for grant distribution. The situation below illustrates an example of this Spending Guideline:

Fund Balance: $75,000 Total Funds above Minimum Balance: $50,000 Maximum Dollars available for grant distribution: $25,000

Disbursement of Funds The Community Foundation will provide one grant check to the BC Public School District. The BC Public School District will be responsible for allocating the dollars that were approved to the appropriate classroom, project, or program in August.

Final Report Requirement The Grant Review Committee Chairperson will be responsible for submitting a Final Report to the Grant Review Committee and the BCECAC within one year of the date the grant was awarded to the school. The Chairperson will also be responsible for submitting a Final Report to the Community Foundation if so requested.

Communication and Sustainability of the Fund BCECAC will be responsible for on-going marketing and development of the Fund in a continual effort to attract donors and provide funding to the schools. Advertising of the Fund and fundraising efforts for the Fund by the Committee need to be shared with the Community Foundation.

Authorized Representative to the Community Foundation The Chairperson of BCECAC will serve as the authorized Fund Representative with the Community Foundation. All correspondence regarding the Fund will be directed to the Chairperson. Should BCECAC dissolve, the Community Foundation has the discretion to appoint a Fund Representative.

Vision Statement The BC Public Schools Education Fund will provide the opportunity for individuals to make a lasting impact on education in Brown County. Through the use of this fund, teachers will be able to provide a more challenging and rigorous curriculum to better meet the needs of all students.

Gifts to the BROWN COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS EDUCATION FUND are tax-deductible as allowed by law. The BROWN COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS EDUCATION FUND is administered through the Community Foundation of the Quincy Area, a not-for-profi t organization with 501(c)(3) status. To make gifts or learn more about the fund,contact:

Local Contact: Philip Krupps CEP, MBA Executive Vice President & Investment Executive Brown County State Bank

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Phone: 217-773-3327

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Community Foundation Contact: Community Foundation Serving West Central Illinois & Northeast Missouri

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